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Nous sommes une association bien vivante qui organise régulièrement:


  • des conférences à caractère scientifique sur des sujets variés dans les différents domaines concernés
  • des journées d'études en collaboration avec des associations ayant des finalités communes
  • la délégation de participants actifs aux congrès internationaux

Assemblée générale & "Innovative Routes for Paint Formulations"

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Pre-Announcement of the technical study day on February 8th, 2022, in the Hotel Martin’S Red**** at 1480 Tubize, where 6 lectures will be hold on the theme:

"Innovative Routes for Paint Formulations"

The ATIPIC members are also kindly invited to the 2022 General Assembly that will take place at the end of the morning session, before the lunch.


9:30                Welcome / Registration (coffee/tea)

10:00             Opening by Jacques Warnon

10:05              "Protection of Fiber Cement Board with Silicone and Acrylics"

                        Jean-Paul Lecomte, DOW 

10:40              "Tall Oil Fatty Acid as 100% bio-based Building Block for Alkyd Emulsions"

                        Michael Bulanov, KRATON

11:15              "Self-healing Polyurethane Coating with slippery Properties"

                        Tangi Sénéchal, MATERIA NOVA

12:00              General Assembly ATIPIC (only for ATIPIC members) 


12:45              Lunch


14:05              "Development of solid Electrolyte Cell by spraying."

                        Marijke Jacobs, VITO

14:40               "Innovative Routes for the Preparation of Water-borne Acrylic Polyols for 2K PU”

                        Nathalie Havaux, HEXION

15:15              “Micro Fibre of Cellulose” (title to be confirmed) 

                        Gabriel Ferrante, SAPPI

15:50              Friendly drinks

More details and abstracts will be sent with the final invitation.

Détails pratiques:

Date: 08/02/2022

Adresse du jour: MartiníS Red, room RUSSIA

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