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Final Even GREENER

08/12/2022 - Share on  Facebook   Twitter   Linkedin   

GREENER is an Interreg project in which several knowledge institutions and companies based in Belgium and the Netherlands work together to contribute to a reduction of the microplastics pollution. Within the project, biobased and biodegradable polymers are investigated as sustainable alternatives for the widespread and water-soluble polymer polyacrylic acid. In this way, the amount of microplastics that enter our environment can be reduced and only nontoxic naturally occurring compounds are released upon degradation of these polymers. Next to development of these polymers, they are also valorized in a plethora of applications, ranging from superabsorbent materials for construction and 3D-printing for biomedical applications, to cosmetics, paper and coating applications. During this closure event of the GREENER project, you can get to know more about the project goals and how they were reached. All project partners will present their contribution to the project, followed by a networking event where you can meet the project partners and other participating institutions.

Available documents:

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