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We are a lively organisation that regularly organises :

  • regular conferences on subjects of scientific interest;
  • study days in collaboration with similar minded representative organisations;
  • sponsorship of national delegates to international congresses.

Technical Day ATIPIC / NVVT

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Both managements of ATIPIC and NVVT invite you to attend their annual Symposium 2021 with the theme:

"Sustainable Coatings"


09:15               Welcome / Registration on Microsoft Team

09:30               Opening by Dr. Jacques Warnon, President ATIPIC

09:40               ”Lignin, a hidden resource towards the development of more sustainable materials”

                        Prof. Ludo Diels - Antwerp University, SPIRE, Biorizon,VITO (BE/NL)

 10:15               “Promising novel chemistry platforms for crosslinking resins”

                        Prof. Filip Du Prez, Ghent University (BE)

10 :50              Break

11:00               “Bio-based alkyd based polymers with outstanding performance in coatings”

                        Nicolas Florent – Ecoat (FR)

11:35               “Our indoor air quality and the role of low-emission building materials”

                        Jeroen Van Deun – VITO (BE)


12:10 – 13:30   Break


13:30                Introduction to the second session by Dr. Jaap Akkerman, NVVT 

13:35               “In-can preservation without biocides?”

                        Helmut Moebus – Daw Caparol (DE)

14:10               Toughening thermosets using reversible chemical bonds”

                        Audrey Cuvellier, Guy Van Assche, Hubert Rahier – VUB (BE) 

14:45               Break

14:55               Bio-based rosin resin dispersions, a novel solution towards a low carbon footprint packaging industry

                        Dario Zilli – Lawter (BE)

15:30               Why Biobased Paint ? (This presentation will be given in Dutch)

                        Geert Duijghuisen – Baril  Coatings (NL)

16:05               Closure

Practical Details:

Date: 21/04/2021

Address: Microsoft Teams

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Available documents:

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