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    Ce webinaire organisé par PROMOSURF essaiera de vous guider et de vous montrer par quelques exemples comment réagir face à des conditions de bains ou de manipulation que vous ne s (...)

  • Combien de temps encore pouvons-nous utiliser le Cr6 ? Et après septembre 2024 ?

    Vous avez probablement appris que le 18/12/2020, la Commission européenne a pris une décision concernant le dossier d'autorisation du CTACsub relatif au CrO3. Que cela signifie-t-il (...)

  • ETCC 2020

    Due to the social and legal limitations caused by the SARS CoV-2 pandemy, new date of the ETCC2020 European Technical Coatings Congress in Krakow is: 03-05 September 2021. All conditions, includ (...)


    Materials are the building blocks of everything around us. It seems so obvious, but where are our cars, machines and smartphones without a good, strong base and finish? This is where materials science (...)

Welcome to our website. ATIPIC is the Belgian Association of Technicians from the Paint and Allied Industries. I am happy to rank you amongst the visitors of our site.
We are a lively organisation that regularly organises study days on subjects specific to our industry.

Furthermore we have had for many years our famous "ATIPIC Relax" a social and cultural event. All these activities are organised by our Board's members whose demonstrate continually creativity and enthusiasm for our Association.

For certain, the regular and active participation of our membership is the reason for our success.

We are proud that ATIPIC is a founder member of FATIPEC, the European Federation, since its inception in 1950.


Should ATIPIC be of interest to you and if you are not yet a member then please fill in the application form on the Members page.

I am always interested in any suggestions regarding ATIPIC. Please let me know and send these using this hyperlink or by fax for my attention.


Jacques Warnon
President ATIPIC



  • to promote the spirit and scientific methodology in all these allied industries,
  • to develop contacts and exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge among its members,
  • to contribute to the continuous learning and training of its members.


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