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ATIPIC Study -afternoon - ETCC2016 Congress Highlights -

From: Léo Nagels - 29/09/2016 - Share on           


 The European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) 2016 was organized in Birmingham on May 25-26..

The theme of this congress was “Advances in Coatings Science and Technology”.

Because not all members of ATIPIC and/or other Belgian paint scientists were able to attend this ETCC congress, we would like to offer during this study afternoon some highlighted ETCC papers for a broader audience in Belgium. 

 Dr. Christina Gabriel (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research - Awards Alain Clause)

                    “Modified starch as potential water-based binder system for interior coatings”

-     Ing. Peter G. C. A. van den Berg, (Nuplex Resins BV)

                    “Cheap and Robust 3D printed applicators for use in robotic high-throughput film application”

-      Dr. David Pierre, (Dow Corning )
                    “A siloxane for amine crosslinked systems »

-      Dr. Heidi Van den Rul, (SirrisSmart Coatings Application Lab.)

                    "The use of easy to clean, antimicrobial coatings in the food  industry"

The Belgian Association of Paint Technicians (ATIPIC) invites you to attend this study afternoon session on: September 29th, 2016

in the :

Salons de Romree
Room “Hofstede”
Beiaardlaan 31

B 1850 Grimbergen

(More information: see enclosures below) 

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