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2015 Meeting Materials Conference

From: Léo Nagels - 08/12/2015 - Share on           

Materials of the future

The informative  program will present the latest insights in the field of innovative and smart materials, along with ways in which these materials can stimulate economic progress and a sustainable society

In the plenary session, Paul Blom (Max planck Mainz) et Wim van der Meer (Tata Steel) will share a broad overview of current international and national developments, updating you on the latest advancements in materials and their applications.

Then you are welcome to attend a varied program with renowned experts from industry, academia and research institutes who will present a range of topics. 

The closing presentation of René janssen (TU Eindhoven) will explain how materials research can contribute to the efficient transformation of light into electricity.

dertails : venue, registration (see attachment)

Available documents:

Invitation Meeting Materials 2015.docx


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