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Jahrestagung der Fachgruppe Lackchemie

From: Léo Nagels - 18/09/2015 - Share on           

The theme of the Congress is :

"From the classical  paint to the high-tech coating" 

It will happens from September 16 to 18, 2015 in Schwerin. 

 Highlights on the paint chemistry - ideas en realities, trends and new functions / raw materials - binders, additives, pigments /classical functions - anticorrosion, , coatings for wood, constructions and decoration / quality control - analysis,test-en simulation methods as well as specialties  - paints and varnishes forelectronics, plastics, PUR adhesives, "thin layer" coatings like inkts and lacquers

Available documents:

Lacktagung 2015 Schwerin final.pdf


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