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ERMA 2019 Annual Conference and General Assembly

From: Léo Nagels - 11/09/2019 - Share on           

The European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA) organizes its annual Conference and General Assembly in Brussels on October 11th, 2019.

 Today's there are more and more challenges for the European chemical industries and the ERMA 2019.
This Annual Conference once again will provide a unique platform for resin producers, R&D team, distributors and partners to meet and share knowledge and information for a better strategy and road- map.

Topics :

  Biocide products: Status and road map for next steps 
  Brexit: Status and challenges for the European and UK Coatings products 
  Challenges and Opportunities for European Speciality Chemicals and businesses
  REACH: Chemicals Regulatory Issues & Cooperation Challenges 

more details on the  Speakers organizations & names
                                 Conference Agenda and ERMA GA   
                                 Registration fees and registration form (page 2)   
                                                                                                                 In   available document

Available documents:

2019 ERMA Annual Conference Registration V0-2019.pdf


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