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ERMA (European Resin Manufacturers Association) 2017 - Annual Conference and General Assembly

From: Léo Nagels - 13/10/2017 - Share on           

It is highly important for the European chemical industries to discharge their environmental and social responsibilities integration in business models for a sustainable activity.The majority of the European chemical industries have already demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental and health via Responsible Care® programme. But there are more and more challenges for chemical industries and the ERMA (European Resin Manufacturers Association) 2017 Annual Conference once again will provide a unique platform for resin producers, R&D team, distributors and partners to meet and share knowledge and information for a better planning.

Our 2017 conference topics should help members, partners and chemicals community to have a better view on challenging subjects (Regulatory, Environmental, Health, R&D and Sustainability).

Venue : This event will  take place in Nice (France)   "Westminster Hotel & SPA"  on October 13th 2017 - 

More details : in attachment below

Available documents:

ERMA Annual Conference 2017.pdf


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