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We are a lively organisation that regularly organises :

  • regular conferences on subjects of scientific interest;
  • study days in collaboration with similar minded representative organisations;
  • sponsorship of national delegates to international congresses.

Technical Day

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Both managements of ATIPIC and NVVT invite you to attend their annual study day 2020, April 22nd that will take place at 9:00 at the E10 Hoeve, Kapelstraat 8a, at 2960 Brecht, Belgium.

The theme of this technical meeting is : "Sustainable Coatings"

Seven to eight lectures will be presented. 

Speakers confirmed :

Practical Details:

Date: 22/04/2020

Address: E10 Hoeve, Kapelstraat 8a, at 2960 Brecht, Belgium

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Available documents:

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