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We are a lively organisation that regularly organises :

  • regular conferences on subjects of scientific interest;
  • study days in collaboration with similar minded representative organisations;
  • sponsorship of national delegates to international congresses.

ATIPIC Study-afternoon - ETCC 2016 Highlights

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 The European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) 2016 was organized in Birmingham on May 25-26..

The theme of this congress was “Advances in Coatings Science and Technology”.

Because not all members of ATIPIC and/or other Belgian paint scientists were able to attend this ETCC congress, we would like to offer during this study afternoon some highlighted ETCC papers for a broader audience in Belgium. 

The Belgian Association of Paint Technicians (ATIPIC) invites you to attend this study afternoon session on: September 29th, 2016.

Salons de Romree
Room “Hofstede”
Beiaardlaan 31

B 1850 Grimbergen


-      Dr. Christina Gabriel (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research - Awards Alain Clause)

                    “Modified starch as potential water-based binder system for interior coatings”

-      Ing. Peter G. C. A. van den Berg, (Nuplex Resins BV)

                    “Cheap and Robust 3D printed applicators for use in robotic high-throughput film application”

-      Dr. David Pierre, (Dow Corning )
                    “A siloxane for amine crosslinked systems »

-      Dr. Heidi Van den Rul, (SirrisSmart Coatings Application Lab)    

                    "The use of easy to clean, antimicrobial coatings in the food  industry"

         (more details : see below)    

Practical Details:

Date: 29/09/2016

Address: Salons de Romree Room “Hofstede” Beiaardlaan 31 B 1850 Grimbergen

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